Tips for Recovering Your Lost Investment Funds

If you’ve been scammed on the internet by a trading broker, you’re probably feel like this money’s gone and there’s no way to trace it. You may already have spoken to authorities and gotten the feeling they cannot help you. What most people know is you can take steps to recover your funds with a professional fund recovery company.

How can I find a fund recovery company?

It is important to take time and research carefully the company that you would like to work with to help recover your investment funds. The chances are that you will not come across them in the usual channels, so contact websites and professional associations of advisers to see if anyone of them has been approached. Are there different types of fund recovery companies? There are different kinds of fund recovery companies, and it’s important to know which one is the best fit for you. These are fund recovery agencies, recovery advisers, investment recovery advisers and offshore fund recovery specialists. Do fund recovery companies need to meet strict requirements? They do not have to meet any particular qualifications or a standard of qualifications.

How do I know if they’re legitimate?

Since 2015, fund recovery companies have grown exponentially and it’s now difficult to tell whether or not you’re getting an actual company or a scammer trying to find a small market to victimize. Remember, it’s easy to pick up on red flags like sloppy grammar and unprofessionalism. Also remember the best forensics exist on your computer, and sometimes they aren’t the easiest to detect. However, there are certain things a company can do to assure you they’re legitimate. Here are some tips to look out for: Signing a contract Signing a contract with a company that promises to return your lost funds is a good sign. By that I mean you should have the ability to see a copy of the contract they’ve signed with the governing company and contact them directly if there are issues.

What are the steps to recovering my funds?

The first thing you should do is make sure the company you’ve spoken to is legitimate. Do not give out all your money to a firm or individual before you’ve checked the reputation online. Also note that many companies will inflate their reputation on trust pilot, so make sure to speak with them and feel if they are pushing you to something you don’t want or being totally honest. That is the real give-away. If they are guaranteeing recovery or making outrageous claims, they may even be the broker that scammed you in the first place.

Make sure they do have a license if they are in the UK, in addition to being right with a contract. You can also check with FCA. If it is a scam, you can report to them and make sure the problem is corrected. Finding a reputable firm to recover your stolen funds isn’t all that difficult. However, before choosing, consider what’s important to you, as there are a number of things to consider before making a final decision. As you can imagine, there are a number of firms out there, so look for one that has a solid customer service. Some firms also offer information on a money dispute so you can check with them.


There are all kinds of scams going around online. Be sure to read up on what the industry is and be careful what you give away. There are shady and kind people in every industry and if you do think you’ve been taken advantage of, call a fund recovery company for professional help.

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