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Getting scammed is a frustrating and time-consuming experience. But it doesn’t have to be! Use our comprehensive reviews to find legit brokers and avoid scams.

Our highly experienced team of private investigators is here to help you recover your funds from online scams

Our team of investigators is determined to help you with your case every single step of the way. 

From the point you report the case to our team, until the time you get your funds back.

Got Scammed by an Online Broker?

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Broker Scams

When you're looking to trade forex, it's important to identify brokers who are reliable and viable and to avoid the ones that are not.

Investment Scams

Looking for a reliable investment firm, to be able to receive passive income - it's easy to fall into possible scams that's only purpose is to take your cash.

Common Recovery Options

Need help receiving your funds back?
We got your back

cryptocurrency scams

Cryptocurrency Tracing

Trace your fraudulent BTC transaction and receive your Bitcoin back into your wallet.

retrieve chargebacks

Chargeback Retrievals

Get your funds back from fraudulent transactions made using your credit cards.

wire transfer recalls

Bank Wire Recalls

Helping you reclaim your Wire Transfer to a fraudulent account.

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